Pan Asian Arts Festival 2014

Pan Asian Arts Festival Postcard

Celebrate Pan Asian Heritage Month at the Landmark Center!

This annual celebration brings together the music, dance, foods and traditional arts of Pan Asian cultures.  All are welcome o experience the beauty and rich traditions of Pan Asian heritage!
  • Pan Asian dance performances and demonstrations
  • Crafts
  • Face painting
  • Calligraphy
  • Origami
  • Games
Date/Time: Sunday, May 4, 12 PM – 5 PM
Locaiton: Landmark Center, 75 W. 5th Street, St. Paul, MN 55102
Admissions: Free and Open to the Public
This festival is led by the Pan Asian Arts Alliance, Asian Media Access, Landmark Center, and local Asian performing arts groups and artists.
Funding for Sundays at Landmark is provided by Travelers and Ecolab.
This activity is made possible in part by a grant provided by the MN State Arts Board (through an appropriation by the MN State Legislature from teh State’s arts and cultural heritage fund, which was created by a vote of the people of Minensota on Nov., 208)

1st International Pan Asian Arts Dance Festival & Symposium

Event Information


Related Documents Download:
Competition Registration Form
Competition Rules, English
Competition Rules, Chinese


Sponsorship Correction

Our sincere apology to the MN State Arts Board; their sponsorship language should read as follow:

This activity is made possible in part by a grant provided by the Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature from the Minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.


Lunar New Year Celebration – Dragon Series

Dragon Lunar New Year 2012The series is
Traditional – 傳
Legendary – 奇
Stylish – 風
Classical – 雅

2012 welcomes the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese New Year, and we are preparing four events to help bring in the festive celebrations!


Fenmo – Beauty of Acrobatics

Time: Dec. 16 (Fri) 7:30pm and Dec. 17 (Sat) 7:30pm
Burnsville Performing Arts Center
12600 Nicollet Avenue
Burnsville, MN 55337
Regular Price:
VIP: $50 with Premiere Seating and Event Booklet
Adult: $30
Children 12 and under, Senior 65 and above $23

In person at the BPAC Box Office;
via Ticketmaster at 800-982-2787 or its web site;
or via TravelZoo.

Ticket prices include facility fees. Additional service charges and handling fees may apply.

100-min non-stop excitement  – “Fenmo – Beauty of the Acrobatics”, produced by China Wuqiao Acrobatic Troupe – the birthplace of the Chinese Acrobatic.  The Show will include many spectacular acrobatic acts like: Lion Dance, Bench Stacking, Juggling, Air Acrobatics, Flower Pot Stacking, Changing Faces, Rolling Lanterns, Straw Hat Juggling, Hoop Jumping, and Martial Arts.

You don’t want to miss this true authentic Chinese Acrobatic show – Fenmo!!

Fenmo Information and tickets information at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center web site. >>


Year of Dragon Celebration

Time: Dec. 18th (Sun) noon – 5pm
The Great Hall
180 East Fifth Street,
St. Paul, MN 55101

Regular Price:
FREE admission for the festivity performances, additional charges for children games and food

Celebrate the once of life time as “Water Dragon” year, with non-stop wonders of acrobatic and dance performances, along with Chinese story-telling, calligraphy, movies, craft makings, carnival games, and Chinese costume try-on, the whole day would be a real authentic festival in Chinese style.


Dance of Joy

O’Shaughnessy Auditorium
2004 Randolph Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105-1750

Date: Jan. 14 (Sat), 7pm and Jan. 15 (Sun), 2pm

Regular Price:
Adult: $18

Email tccdc.dance@gmail.com, or call 651-246-5735 or 612-386-0683

Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center presents a special 100-min performance to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the show features the dances of diverse cultural groups from ethnic minorities in China.  It emphasize the evolving nature of the dance arts into more modern forms, at the times exploring an “Tradition Meets Innovation” motif and the myriad of influence that people from these regions have on the Chinese dance genre and culture.


Chinese Lantern Carnival

Time: Feb. 5th, 2012 (Sun) 2pm – 7pm
The Great Hall
180 East Fifth Street,
St. Paul, MN 55101

Regular Price:
FREE admission for the festivity performances, additional charges for children games and food

As a closing ceremony for the Lunar New Year series, the Chinese Lantern Carnival will have lantern making, “Guessing lantern riddles” game, which is an essential part of the Festival. Additionally, we will give away 500 lanterns to recreate such lanterns marching scene at St Paul downtown, children with lanterns will parade from the Great Hall to the Mears Park, and hanging their lanterns up to make the Dragon shape, to welcome the Dragon New Year – 2012.


Fringe Festival Information

Contact: Ange Hwang
Phone: 612-376-7715
Email: angehwang@amamedia.org

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Sunshine, in collaboration with Asian Media Access, and Pan Asian Arts Alliance, opens Longing for Qeej, a Hmong dance drama, at Minnesota Fringe Festival, on August 8th/5:30pm, 9th/7pm, 11th /7pm, 13th/5:30pm and 14th/1pm, at University of MN, Raring Center Proscenium, 330 21st Ave S., Minneapolis campus.

The production is an international collaboration among Asian-American artists including Mai Vang, a Hmong American Choreographer and Artist Director, Ange Hwang, a Chinese American writer, Kang Vang, a Hmong American Theater Director, with the Artists from China – Teng Li and Zou Mei from CHINA NATIONAL ACROBATIC TROUPE.

Longing for Qeej is the traditional Hmong creation story of the Qeej (pronounced “kang”) instrument. Qeej is a bamboo and wooden mouth organ found throughout Eastern Asia, and is a traditional music instrument played by the Hmong people. The Qeej has six pipes of different lengths attached to a wooden air chamber, and is played in major holidays and ceremonies.  

The story starts with Sinsay, a warrior, who married one woman from each of seven kingdoms. During a grand festival in Sinsay’s honor, the god of heaven demanded proof the women were each Sinsay’s wife. The result of Sinsay’s wives’ creation was the Qeej, an instrument made of seven pieces, and coming together in making one single voice. The instrument is itself a Hmong cultural icon. Hmong believe the Qeej’s rhythm, tone and melody can serve as a bridge between the natural and supernatural worlds.

With much excitement in her voice, Artistic Director, Mai Vang explains the importance of retelling this folktale through dances: “I have learnt the story at very young age, and we have to remember all the name of each the 7 parts of Qeej, I always wondering – are the names of the pipes also the names of the wives? Do the pipes have discreet “voices” that are associated with the separate personalities of the wives? Of course, much details have been lost through oral tradition, therefore, I have decided to take this old legend adding on new twists – give all these 7 ladies a face, a personality, a special dance belonging to each one of them to enrich the folktale.”

Minnesota Sunshine’s adaptation of the story combines narration, acrobatics and traditional Hmong dance. After multiple first-place finishes in local Hmong New Year dance competitions, this effort is a combination of a decade’s worth of award-winning dances in one show. Don’t miss this performance with centuries-old dances combined with elements from modern America.

Longing for Qeej takes place at the University of Minnesota Rarig Center Proscenium stage at Minnesota Fringe Festival. Performances are: August 8th/5:30pm, 9th/7pm, 11th /7pm, 13th/5:30pm and 14th/1pm. $ 15 dollar/per ticket, with Fringe Button, various discounts applied. For more information, please check on: www.amamedia.org, www.minnesotasunshine.wordpress.com, or 612-376-7715.


MN Sunshine Dance has been dancing together for the past 11 years, studied under Internationally renowned Hmong Choreographer – Mai Vang, they have focused on Hmong, Chinese, Laos, and Bollywood dance style. MN Sunshine has long history of winning the 1st place titles at many Hmong New Year Dance Competition. They are famous with their explosive physical capacities along with beautiful costume, and refreshing Asian music.


More Pan Asian Dance Festival Pictures


Pan Asian Dance Festival – Pictures

Pan Asian Dance Festival Group Pictures
AMA dance group
Bhutanese dance group
TCCDC dance group
Fireflies dance group
Hmong Heros dance group
Karen Cultural Organization of MN
MidKnight Sun dance group
Nkauj Iab Nraug Oos dance group
MN Sunshine dance group
Modern Indian R.G.K Dance group
Motion Crew dance group
Mulan dance group
N.W.A dance group
Nkauj Hmoob Ywj Pheej dance group
Nkauj Ntxuam Dej dance group
Ocean dance group
Rainbow dance group
Sansei Yonsei Kai Japanese dance group
Silver Skies dance group
CSE Stars1 dance group
Wendy Vang, solo dance group
Mu Gung Hwa Korean dance group

Pan Asian Dance Festival – 05/29/2011 Final Scores

Audience Choice Award

Dance Group Score
MN SunShine 43
Fireflies 35
Ocean 29
CSE Stars 21
Heros 20
Nkauj Ntxuam Dej 17
Rainbow 12
Nkuaj Hmoob Ywj Pheej 10
Karen Cultural Organization of MN 10
Mulan 10
Mu Gung Hwa Korean Dance Academy 8
MN Bright Stars 8
N.W.A 7
Sliver Skies 7
Motion Crew 5
Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center Group 1 3
Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K 2
Wendy Vang 1
Bhutanese Dance 0
Mid Knight Sun 0
LYTY Crew 0
Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center Group 2 0

Modern Dance

Dance Group Score
Motion Crew 283.5
Mid Knight Sun 271
N.W.A 265
Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K 259

Traditional Dance

Dance Group Score
Nkauj Ntxuam Dej 288
Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center Group 1 285.5
Karen Cultural Organization of MN 282
MN Sunshine 281.5
Mu Gung Hwa Korean Dance Academy 275.5
Mulan 272.5
Ocean 270
Fireflies 269.5
Heros 268
Nkuaj Hmoob Ywj Pheej 268
MN Bright Stars 267.5
Wendy Vang 267
CSE Stars 266
Sliver Skies 260.5
Rainbow 245.5
Bhutanese Dance 231

A Unique Pan Asian Dance Festival at May 29
Burnsville Performing Arts

Led by Pan Asian Arts Alliance, local Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) arts groups have come together to host first ever – Pan Asian Arts Festival, Part II: Pan Asian Dance Festival, at May 29th from 9am – 5pm, at Burnsville Performing Arts Center, a whole day dance event, featuring the top talents from local Pan Asian Dance troupes, ranging from North Asia – Chinese, Japanese, to South Asia, – Indian, etc., and a final performance at 1:30 – 4:30pm, with $5 admission to celebrate May Pan Asian Heritage Month.

There are total 22 Dance troupes will compete for the Best Asian Traditional Dance and Best Modern Dance Titles. Each group is required to perform 2 dances to showcase their talents, and they will be judged by:

  • Cultural relevance: Dance style and music show the native dance and must reflect the culture.
  • Choreography: How well and thought out the performance is and how creative is it?
  • Technical skills: Is the group on beat? Are their movements precise and synchronized? Correct position and steps are executed?
  • Group cohesion: Are they together? How does group formation look?
  • Costumes and appearance: Do they represent dance style?
  • Overall Impression: How does the group perform with energy and spirit? Are they having a good time? Facial expressions reflecting the mood of the dance. Engaging with the audience.

   Please join us for the Final performance at 5/29 (Sun) 1:30 – 4:30pm, a great opportunity for enjoying a high quality performance presented by the top Pan Asian dance teams. Only $5 per ticket. For more nformation, please contact: paaa@amamedia.org, 612-376-7715 or http://www.burnsvillepac.com/event-calendar/view/287/70


2011 Pan Asian Arts Alliance Festival Part 2

Urgent Notice: Cancellation of May 28 (Sat) Competition Day

please join us for a whole day fun at May 29th (Sun) starting at 9am

  • Location: Burnsville Performing Arts Center.
  • Free admission for 9am – noon for the 1st Dance Competition
  • $5 admission with Audience Vote Ballot for 1:30 – 4:30pm for the 2nd Dance Competition and Performance

A BIG success for the 1st ever Pan Asian Arts Festival at May 1st, 2011

      Led by Pan Asian Arts Alliance, local Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) arts groups have come together to host first ever – Pan Asian Arts Festival, Part I: Festival/Asian Style, at May 1st, from Noon – 5pm, at Landmark Center – a Family Day Celebration of May Asian Heritages. About fifteen hundred people attended and enjoyed five hours of fun, full of events with Asian Story telling, Cultural dances, Chinese Music Ensemble, Asian food, popular Bubble tea, Henna body tattoo, face paintings, carnival games, and much more.

      There were at total of 21 dances from 15 different dance academies, and 3 well known Story Tellers. Vietnamese Story Teller – Phước Thị Minh Trần took the spot light and shared a Vietnamese folktale. Mrs. Tran has shared her experiences and knowledge of Vietnamese culture at various cultural events, storytelling programs, libraries, colleges, and schools throughout the state. We also heard two more great stories from Indian Story Teller Bilquis Dairkee, and Karen Story Teller Eh Taw Dwe.

      Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K. Dance & Fitness Studio opened up the Dance Performance around 12:30pm, RGK combines Indian, classical, music fused with contemporary western dances. First part was the dance depicting victory theme, and another dance depicting the love theme. Followed by MN Chinese Dance Theater, danced to “Yun Yang Castanets”, founded in 1992 by Ms. Tianjiang Cui. Minnesota Chinese Dance Theater (MCDT) is a community-performing group of 20 dancers ages range from 6 to 60. The Sumunar Dance Ensemble performed a blend of classical court dances, folk dances incorporating the martial arts, and new Choreographies using traditional and modern movements. Beautiful masks and vibrant costumes relate the stories told by the dancers and musicians as they danced to “Panen Dance”.

      Heroes, Rainbow, and Hmong Baby Dolls Dance Groups, choreographed by well-known Dance Teacher Mai Vang and Teacher Jennie Vang. Heroes, an every energetic and all-boys dance group, danced to a drum dance, “Warrior”. Their second routine, “Country Boys”, depicted the days of Hmong boys meeting up to learn kung fu for self-defense. Both Rainbow Dance and Hmong Baby Dolls, wearing traditional Hmong costume danced beautifully along with their folk music.

      Hoang Anh Vietnamese Dance Group performed to “Don Xuan”. They have been performing for the past 8 years at various cultural festivals and events throughout the Twin Cities with the purpose of helping promote and preserve the Vietnamese culture through song and dance.

      Later the show turned the focus to North Asian with the “Doll Dance (or Puppet Dance)” and “Fan Dance”, performed by Mu Gung Hwa Korean Dance Academy, which illuminates the Korean culture. One of the traditional games during the Korean Lunar Year festival is dramatized in this Doll Dance. Each participant makes and decorates a beautiful Korean doll. Then she manipulates the doll she has made, puppet fashion, in the various movements of the dance. Here, the Mu Gung Hwa dancers actually become the dolls and give their interpretation of this ancient Puppet Dance of the New Year. Another traditional dance – Fan Dance, widely regarded as the most unique Korean traditional dance, this splendid dance with luxurious dresses and brilliant fans of painted blossoms illustrates the beauty of vivid colors and the harmony of group movements.

      Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center danced to “The Little Girls with Penguins” and Choreographed by Huanru Zhang. These adorable penguins and playful little girls are having such a good time playing together! This light-hearted dance encourages all of us to protect the environment in order to continue the harmony between humans and nature. The Japanese dance group Sansei Yonsei Kai was formed over 35 years ago, and continues the long-standing tradition of the Japanese American community in the Twin Cities. Made up of multicultural dancers, Sansei Yonsei Kai fosters the understanding and awareness of Japanese culture through the recreation and presentation of traditional and contemporary ethnic dances. They performed two folk dances – “Sukiyaki” and “Fuji”.

      Cultural Society of Filipino-Americans Dance Troupe danced to two songs, each connected to the other, “Cordillera Festival Dance” and “Ragragsakan”. The Cultural Society of Filipino-Americans (CSFA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to preserve, promote, and share valued Filipino custom and traditions through cultural, educational, social, and philanthropic activities.

      From Bhutanese Dance Group, Renuka Humagai and Shara Motey, danced to “Mati Ghar”. The song is about the time after the couple getting married, they will go to the husband’s house, but the home of his parents’ house is at “mati ghar”.

      Moonlight and Fireflies Dance Groups, are made up Hmong girls ages of 9 to 13 years old. They come from Dao Lan Dance School, which tailored to the Hmong community and opened to students of all ages and sexes, consists of approximately 80 students or 6 classes ranging from ages 6 to 45 years old.

      Last but not least, with over 40 dancers, Karen Cultural Organization of MN performed rapturous to “Karen Done Dance” and “Karen Traditional Dance”, with live music and drum. The Festival/Asian Style ended with the Music Performance by the MN Chinese Music Ensemble, with the theme of “100 Years of Journey:  Remember the Past, Honor the Present, Celebrate the Future”. The music ensemble has been carefully selected for music pieces that were composed at specific times or that reflect significant events from various eras during the past 100 years. 

      This May 1st Festival/Asian Style event kicks off a month-long celebration of the May Pan Asian Heritage Month. The following events include:

  • Part II (May 29th at Burnsville Performing Arts Center, from 1:30 – 4:30pm): Pan Asian Dance Festival, a 2-day dance event at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center, featuring the top talents from local Pan Asian Dance troupes.
  • Part III (May 1st to June 13th at Landmark Center): Photo Exhibition, 100 Years of Chinese American History in MN, from 1911- 2011.

      This unique project is sponsored by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund from MN State Arts Board (which that was created by a vote of the people of Minnesota on Nov., 2008.), City of St Paul’s Cultural Star Grant, and Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC), with a Special Thanks to all our Advisory Committee. Asian Media Access, Dao Lan Dance Studio, Hoang Anh Vietnamese Dance Group, MN Sunshine Dance, MN Ocean Dance, Mu Gung Hwa Korean Dance Group, Pan Asian Story-Tellers Assn., Sansei Yonsei Kai Japanese Children and Adult Dance Group, and Sumunar Indonesian Dance Ensemble, c/o Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota.