2015 Pan Asian Arts Festival videos available

Long been waiting – May 17 Pan Asian Arts Festival videos – finally completed, check out these beautiful dances. We are so proud of our Pan Asian colleagues performing in the field, continuously perfecting the Asian Dances, even thousands, thousands miles away from homelands. Enjoy!!!

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:×8gVTWm_o8


FLOW, Northside Arts Crawl – Koom Siab Block Party

Bring your friends and family to come join us at this awesome event!

Great for bonding and socializing! Bring a chair to sit on while you enjoy the countless entertainment on stage!


Press Release – Honoring Cultural Exercises


Contact: Ange Hwang

Tel: 612-376-7715



Honoring Cultural Exercises

join us for the 1st ever Hmong Dance Drama – Longing for Qeej

Minneapolis, Minnesota – In kicking off the Bicultural Active Living Lifestyle (BALL) Campaign, Asian Media Access (AMA) and Iny Asian Dance Theater (IADT) join hands to showcase the first ever Hmong Dance Drama – Longing for Qeej at both Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul, to help the communities to recognize the beauty of the cultural exercises.


July 19 (Sunday), 5:30pm at

Central Park Frank Rog Amphitheater

2540 Lexington Ave. N
Roseville, MN 55113


July 23 (Thurs), 7:00pm at

Outside of Asian Media Access, on the Plymouth Ave.

2418 Plymouth Ave. N.,

Minneapolis, MN 55411

Both events are FREE and as part of Asian Media Access’ BALL strategy to emphasis on bicultural healthy living by utilizing cultural pride and parent involvement as motivations for youth to be proud of themselves, and exercise more through cultural exercises.  By wearing beautiful costume, 
listening to traditional music, stepping into ancient footsteps, it gives youth a sense of self-esteem, and cultural identity other sports may not offer, along with strong parents’ 
support in preserving the cultural traditions.  Therefore, both AMA and IADT have supported youth learning/performing Asian dances as a way to live healthier in a bicultural environment.

Longing for Qeej will be performed by Iny Asian Dance Theater’s 109 dancers, which is a dance drama adapted from Hmong folktale portraying the origin of Qeej – a traditional Hmong music instrument, a mouth organ with six bamboo pipes of different lengths attached to a wooden air chamber.  Hmong believes that Qeej can communicate between the heaven and the earth, the living and the dead.  One of the opening mysterious dance – the Dragon Dance will be performed by Iny Asian Dance Theater’s most advanced group – MN Sun Shine.  The team has long history of winning titles of Hmong New Year Dance Competition.  Not only the dance includes a beautiful dragon head with matching gold/red masks, MN Sun Shine dancers has also performed this powerful dance with explosive physical capacities along with beautiful costume, and refreshing Asian music.

This is not the first time Iny Asian Dance Theater brought the Hmong dances/folklore to the broader audience.  Led and Choreographed by Acclaimed Hmong Artist, Iny Xiong, Iny Asian Dance Theater has successfully served more than 200 students annually.   Its mission is to broaden students’ ability and general public’s appreciation of Asian Dances through teaching and performance, and their major projects include: 1) Bringing the Asian Traditional Dances to Life, with a special focus on Asian Indian, Chinese, Hmong, Laotian and Thai dances through weekly dance classes and community engagement performances; 2) Sharing Asian cultures and talents with mainstream audience to build a better community of appreciation of diverse arts with Annual Recital and newly created Dance Drama Performance series.   Currently, Iny Asian Dance Theater has 13 different levels and ages groups.

Both performances are outdoor, please bring your lawn chairs to enjoy a 2-hours Asian dances you have never seen before.   This unique project is sponsored by the MN State Arts Board (which that was created by a vote of the people of Minnesota on Nov., 2008); Minnesota Department of Education; Roseville Parks and Recreation; and Minneapolis Roseville Parks and Recreation.  For more information, please check the website at, or call at 612-376-7715 or e-mail




Photo Courtesy: Photographer Marie Ketring

(Dances from the Dance Drama – Longing for Qeej)


Pan Asian Arts Festival 2015 Experience

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                FMI: Ja Yang at 612-376-7715

A Perfect Afternoon – a reflection from the 2015 Pan Asian Arts Festival

By Julia Zhu

I won’t usually call a heavy rainy day as a perfect afternoon, but after enjoying the 2015 Pan Asian Arts Festival, I have to say – What a Great Afternoon!!!

Led by Pan Asian Arts Alliance, sponsored by Asian Media Access and local Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) arts groups has come together to celebrate May Asian heritage month with a whole day family fun – Pan Asian Arts Festival – Festival/Asian Style at the Landmark Center last month.

After watching more than 40+ diverse Asian dances from 23 Dance Teams, I can only say – “WHOA… “   A little bit about myself, I came to the US from a minority region of China (Guangxi province) only a few months ago. Before I arrived, I imagined what most people outside the US probably imagine, that the US would have little awareness of Asia and its folk arts and traditions, and that the knowledge it had would be superficial.

The Pan Asian Arts Festival held at May 17th at Landmark Center, with over 40 Asian folk dance performances and its Hmong Wearable Art Exhibition, completely changed my perspective. The depth of the traditions was stunning. The diversity of dance genres included Chinese, Dai, Hmong, Indian etc, Not only the dances themselves, but the music selection, the background narratives, the scenery and the costumes immersed me in the experiences from the villages and cities of Asia.

For example, the Dai dance troupe presented its “Peacock” dance, which reached deep into that group’s beliefs about the peacock as a symbol of divinity, rank, power and beauty. One group presented traditional drumming that has been used in festival celebrations for many generations. It was a depth of presentation that went far beyond the US culture that I imagined before coming here.

The wearable art exhibition was just as extraordinary. Handmade Hmong embroidery lent the costumes a depth and personality that is not possible from an assembly line. Yet there was nothing common or rustic about the delicate fabrics and designs either. Traditional Hmong patterns were well preserved and a the same time the costumes incorporated elements of fashion and innovation, for example in colors and accessories.

The art festival for me was a culture feast I could not have imagined experiencing outside my homeland. Though not at home, in the moment I forgot where I was, and I definitely look forward to the event again next year.

I would love to invite all of you out there, don’t miss this MUST SEE May Heritage Celebration – Pan Asian Arts Festival at 2016!!   For more information, please contact:, 612-376-7715  Please visit PAAA website for more info.


Pan Asian Arts Festival Part 1 (Video)

Click to watch –> Pan Asian Arts Festival Part 1


Pan Asian Arts Festival 2015


6th Annual Pan Asian Arts Festival

FREE Family-friendly activities throughout the day

  • NON-stop Pan Asian Dances and Demos
  • Asian Youth Animation Exhibition
  • Asian Crafts Activities
  • Face Painting with Asian Patterns
  • Carnival Games (small fees to play)
  • Special Feature – 2-hours long Hmong Dance Drama “Longing for Qeej,” presented by Iny Asian Dance Theater

Date: Sunday, May 17, 12 Noon to 5 PM

Location: Landmark Center, 75 W. 5th Street, St. Paul, MN 55102


2nd Biannual Pan Asian Dance Festival

Calling all dancers, the Pan Asian Dance Festival is coming back to St. Paul MN at the E. M. Pearson Theater on August 16th & 17th 2014.

The dance competition will be a 2 days event, showcasing 9 dance contests for folk dance and modern dance!  See below for the full dance categories:

Dance Competition Categories

  • Asian Folk/ Traditional Dance of Solo, Duet, Trio (no age breakdown)
  • Asian Folk/ Traditional Dance of Ensemble Ages 5-7
  • Asian Folk/ Traditional Dance of Ensemble Ages 8-10
  • Asian Folk/ Traditional Dance of Ensemble Ages 11-13
  • Asian Folk/ Traditional Dance of Ensemble Ages 14-16
  • Asian Folk/ Traditional Dance of Ensemble Ages 17-19
  • Asian Folk/ Traditional Dance of Ensemble Ages 20 and above
  • Modern Dance: Hip Hop, Jazz Dance etc. (no age breakdown)
  • Boys Dance (boys only, covers all categories)

All dance schools and organizations from any background and any skill level are invited to participate in the festival to compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophy.

DOWNLOAD regulation/ rule form here.

DOWNLOAD registration form here and submit it to or fax to 612-376-7730

Date: August 16 – 17, 2014
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily

Venue: Pearson TheaterConcordia University

275 North Syndicate Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104, USA

For more information please contact

Food Vendors - looking for licensed food vendors who may be interested to sell food at this event. Event is estimated with 300 guest per day. Please contact See Xiong at 612-376-7715 if interested.

General INFO: You must be a licensed food vendor or food must be purchased from a store. NO homemade food is allowed.


Hmong Wearable Folk Arts Exhibition & Costume Show

Come and see the beauty of Hmong embroidery and applique adorned with silver jewelry. Led by Asian Media Access and Pan Asian Arts Alliance, the Hmong Wearable Folk Arts Multimedia Project incorporates presentation, exhibition, and live costume show to tell ancient old Hmong costume traditions, and its transformative nature throughout the United States.  Our exhibition will walk you through the different sub-groups of Hmong costumes,and its transformative history through Hmong costumes and dance photos.

Below are the next places that the exhibition will visit, please mark your calendar:

April 2nd – 4th, 2014
Southwest MN State University at Marshall (Hmong Historical Costume Show)
1501 State St, Marshall, MN 56258

May 5th – July 31st, 2014 (open during business hours)
Hennepin County Government Center Gallery
300 South 6th Street., Minneapolis, MN 55487

June 26th, 2014, Noon – 1pm
Hmong Historical Costume Show at Hennepin County Government Center North Plaza

Aug. 4th – Oct. 30th, 2014 (open during business hours)
South Central College Gallery and Exhibition Hallway
1920 Lee Boulevard, North, Mankato, MN 56003

Oct 10th, 2014, Noon – 1pm
Hmong Historical Costume Show at South Central College Green House
1920 Lee Boulevard, North, Mankato, MN 56003

>>Read Asian American Press Release of this exhibition<<


Pan Asian Arts Festival 2014

Pan Asian Arts Festival Postcard

Celebrate Pan Asian Heritage Month at the Landmark Center!

This annual celebration brings together the music, dance, foods and traditional arts of Pan Asian cultures.  All are welcome o experience the beauty and rich traditions of Pan Asian heritage!
  • Pan Asian dance performances and demonstrations
  • Crafts
  • Face painting
  • Calligraphy
  • Origami
  • Games
Date/Time: Sunday, May 4, 12 PM – 5 PM
Locaiton: Landmark Center, 75 W. 5th Street, St. Paul, MN 55102
Admissions: Free and Open to the Public
This festival is led by the Pan Asian Arts Alliance, Asian Media Access, Landmark Center, and local Asian performing arts groups and artists.
Funding for Sundays at Landmark is provided by Travelers and Ecolab.
This activity is made possible in part by a grant provided by the MN State Arts Board (through an appropriation by the MN State Legislature from teh State’s arts and cultural heritage fund, which was created by a vote of the people of Minensota on Nov., 2008)